Michelle Outlaw, MAFM, MDiv

Michelle Outlaw is a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, Greensboro, NC with a BS in Accounting and Keller Graduate School of Business with a Master’s degree in Accounting & Financial Management.

Michelle currently consults with organizations utilizing her prowess in training clients on technological systems, operational platforms, sales, lending, credit underwriting, and regulatory issues. She has over 30 years of experience working with credit unions and banks primarily in credit (consumer, business, and commercial lending), accounting, and risk management (auditing, loan review, and loan compliance). A master at building and re-engineering departments.

Michelle uses her Accounting & Financial Management education and work experience, for Charismata 365 Financial Management Services which consists of providing executive, operational, accounting and auditing services to organizations and companies.

Michelle uses her Accounting & Financial Management for Charismata 365 Doctor Finance to provide financial coaching, financial counseling, auditing, accounting services, and financial literacy teaching for individual and small businesses.