Marilyn Jackson

Marilyn is an International Businesswoman and Small Business Advocate with more than 30
years of experience and currently CEO of UnderGrid Technologies, a Digital Technology and
Engineering firm, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. UnderGrid works with companies on all
aspects of the 360° experience – Connectivity Infrastructure, Strategy, NFTs, Avatars, Web3,
Blockchain, AI, Virtual Real Estate and 3d Anamorphic Video Displays – to make the Extended
Reality and Human Reality converge.

Marilyn has spent over two decades in senior-level corporate assignments innovating and
ushering Fortune 500 companies into the Digital Age. As a proven executive leader, Marilyn
consistently delivered solid business results, grew revenue, and is universally respected for her
leadership and technological acumen.

Marilyn has a proven track record of helping women and minorities and partners with key
companies and organizations that support the development and advancement of their partners
and employees. She Consults and advises firms in the areas of strategy, business model
transitions, service portfolio and business development. As a leadership coach and consultant,
she sees the unique potential within each individual and helps them to embrace and accelerate
their assets. With her coaching, many individuals have achieved great success.

Prior to founding Undergrid Technologies, worked with numerous Blue-Chip companies and has
been at the forefront of connecting the World by helping business determine their
communication and connectivity needs.

She is a serial entrepreneur and has pioneered deep tech start-ups in Blockchain, AI, and the
Wireless and Connectivity industries. Marilyn now focuses her efforts on Sustainable and
Connectivity Solutions for the I/IoT, Extended Reality and Decision Intelligence and their
impacts on the global, connected economy and talks about Web3, Connected Solutions, the
Metaverse, and Data and the Ecosystems Digital Platforms and Innovation that support them.