Dr. Linda T. Johnson

Dr. Linda T. Johnson has spanned over several decades. She received her undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders from the St. Louis University, a master’s degree from the University of Mo. – St. Louis in Special Education. Later she received her doctorate from Roosevelt University (Chicago) in Educational Administration and Organizational Change. During her educational career she held teaching positions in the areas the deaf/hard-of-hearing impaired, speech and language impaired, learning disabilities, behavior disordered, and autism/autistic spectrum disorder. She worked in several school districts throughout St. Louis and the Chicagoland. She also held the position of adjunct professor at Concordia University for several years. Over the last decade, Dr. Johnson held the coordinator position for the Adult Transition Program in her district for over a decade for special needs adults until her retirement in 2022. This program evolved as a result of Dr. Johnson questioning the practices of the district in providing services for disabled students ages. This program over the years saved the district a substantial amount money and improved the services for the district’s disabled young adults.  Because of her experience, expertise and commitment to the special needs community, Dr. Johnson decided to establish a non-for-profit organization, E-3 Connection, Inc., in 2022. Her organization provides effective ways to support families to improve the lives of children and young adults with disabilities.